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Monday, January 31, 2005

Chapter and Verse
Ever wonder what an editor is looking for?  An editor is looking for writing which has a clear voice, purpose and direction. An editor is hoping that the manuscripts he/she receives speak to a need and to a particular audience or market.  An editor is always looking for writing and material which is backed by vision, passion and dedication. Writing is a passionate business and your writing will reach its mark more closely when you direct it toward a particular passion or value that you believe in fully. When you or your characters speak with a truthfulness and passion that you yourself believe in, they will be more authentic and vivid.  Take two  pages. On the first,  write out a position you believe in passionately. On the second page, describe a character who can vividly present that position. In the first paragraph describe the character. In the next paragraph write out his/her (your) position...let him/her speak on the issue or the position. In the third paragraph return to the character and write his or her perception to others  hearing these words. Include your characters' thoughts, feelings, and future direction based on that presentation and response. If you can commit to doing this on a daily basis you can more completely understand and identify your own passion. This process can guide you in your writing and give you a wealth of characters to flesh out more fully at some point when you develop a longer project.  Practice passion in your writing. It is the fuel that makes your writing  relevant and important to your reader.
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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Free Speech
Free speech is sometimes difficult to come by. Writer's block or the internal editorial critic takes over and halts the progress we strive to make. There is a time and a place for criticism, both from one's own critic and from one's readers, but it is not when you are beginning to get your ideas down and just generating some material. There is no time like the present to learn when to thank your critic for appearing and when to tell the critic to wait for awhile until you have a manuscript well underway or nearly completed. One way to deal with this kind of block is to practice writing for half an hour a day with absolute freedom: free speech. This practice allows you to get some movement going in terms of your creativity. It gives you space in which to produce something that may lead to additional ideas. You can't ride a bike if you have the brakes on all the time...you have to get the gears going and you have to coast along for awhile after you have the momentum. At some point you can put the brakes on and take a breather while you survey your progress, but for getting words down on paper you need to keep the gears in motion. Give yourself a day of free speech. Write as a practice every day. Give us a call if we can support you further in that practice. 
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