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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Writing Your Passion
In order to write you must care about something deeply enough to commit yourself to your concern or interest in it. If you care about an issue or subject/topic, you take the time to invest your time and thought in it, and you organize your project and your efforts in order to shape and present it in the most effective way. You must believe that what you are writing about is important and has enough value to take a stand or unearth the facts or demonstrate its importance for others to consider; to invite a reader to explore other possibilities and perspectives. You cannot wait for someone else to validate or encourage you in this, though many unfortunately do. The greatest resource you have for your writing must come from within you...from you concern..your passion. Your passion invites expression. Your writing reveals it. It may seem only a small spark, but that small spark from within your writing could light a lamp or even an entire room for a reader's own passion. Turn it on. Write your passion.
Keep writing.
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